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BanyanTrunk brings you the essence of nature with its premium spice/botanical extracts and blends. We deeply respect the treasures that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us and strive to present them to you with our wholehearted intent.

Cardamom Extract - Tea
Cumin Extracts - ButterMilk
Cardamom Extract - Shrikand
Roasted Garlic Extracts - Dal
Citrus Fruits

Rohit J , Mumbai

I've tried few more extracts but the perfect natural taste this extract is giving is outstanding
What I love most about this extract is its versatility,
I used it for my teas, smoothies, cold drinks, juices, just with cold water, lemonade, stir-fries, and even salad dressings.
It ads awesome zingy twist to my dish and beverages

How to use our Spice Extracts?

Our Spice Extracts are probably the easiest way to add spice to your food & drinks!


Just add a few drops



Pour your drink on top


Serve your amazing preparation

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